Harris and Clova

by | Nov 26, 2011 | 2 comments

Harris is a chocolate Labrador and Clova is a West Highland terrier.  Both are lovely dogs.   I’ve walked them both once before, but that was about a year ago.  They are not local dogs, I think they are from Hamilton, but their owners parents are local as they live in Bishopton.  Harris the lab is so very strong that it’s not easy for the owners parents to walk him, so that’s where I come in.

Last time I walked them both I took them to (you guessed it) the beach in Erskine and Harris being a typical lab spent the entire time in the water with Clova staying on dry land.  This time I was asked to walk Harris on lead cause his recall aint so good.  But because I know how strong he is I decided I should bring my bro along just to help out as both dogs would probably be on lead.

When I arrived there and let the parents know I was taking both dogs to the beach they let me know that I didnt have to keep Harris on lead cause he adores the water (typical lab) so I played with Harris in the water and my brother took Clova for a nice long walk.  It was a miserable day and a bit too dark to spend time trying to take photos.  But hey, rain or shine what do dogs care!?

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By Jamie Shanks

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Dave Merchant
9 years ago

I’ve just found these photos online and recognised them as my 2! Next time they’re staying over in Bishopton we’ll be sure to give you a call to get them out again. Harris still loves the water and Clova still refuses to go near it!