Chicken coronation recipe

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Sharing the Dog’s Food

The advantages of feeding natural is that you can share the dog food! Do you suffer the “that dog eats better than me!” syndrome ?  Do you get ‘that look’ when other half comes home after a hard day and asks, “What’s for dinner…huh??  Suppose the dog has had chicken?”. Well we all know the food budget is getting tighter but one of the other advantages of feeding natural is that you can share the dog food …can’t do that with dry dog food haha! We are both good cooks and my other half is a retired chef so I decided I would pass on some ideas to help with stretching the budget.  Thought of this after today’s shop and dinner.  Aldi have a great deal on this week on chickens.  A medium chicken is on sale for £2.40 so we bought 2 and boiled them up in water.  Have taken off the breast meat for us and picked the rest down and mixed it with 4 homemade fish cakes we had left over.  With veggies added that will feed my big 5 dogs for 2 days. That’s 10 large meals or for a dog weighing around 18 kilo 15 meals. So what did we do with the breast meat?  Well today we had chicken coronation.  Homemade chicken coronation is scrummy and so easy to make…I hate the commercial filling you can buy, it’s like eating a butty on the beach…gritty with uncooked curry powder or made with greasy curry paste…so here is the recipe:


Large onion diced small…we like red onions as they sweet, 2 cloves of chopped garlic, 2oz (56g) butter melted with 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 – 2 ounces of pine nuts or sliced almonds, A sliced peach or apricot or banana, 2 tablespoons mango chutney, Curry powder to taste…medium hot 2 tablespoons, more if you like hot curry, 4 tablespoons mayonnaise, Salt and pepper, 2 cooked chicken breasts


Soft cook the onion and garlic in the melted butter and oil…don’t fry it until brown, just slow cook it until it becomes transparent.

add curry powder to the coronation chicken

Turn up the heat and sprinkle over the curry powder, stirring all the time, cook out for about a minute.

Add the chutney to the coronation chicken

Add the mango chutney and blend in, let it cook on a high heat for about 30 seconds…you don’t want it to burn.

Add the fruit and nuts to the coronation chicken

Turn off…add the fruit and nuts and seasoning.

Leave to cool…(I make this base in large quantities and store in fridge in a sealed jar).

Add chicken and mayo to the coronation chicken

When it has cooled off, stir in the mayo and add the chunky diced chicken breast.

Serve on nice thick cut bread with lettuce and salad…or on a hot jacket potato…or with a cold rice salad…a garnish of fresh coriander and away you go! Coronation chicken…Done!!

Written by Bev Cobley.  Bev is a canine dietician and has many amazing homemade recipes for dogs on my site.

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