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Jack goes on his first group walk!

It’s been quite a hectic last few weeks with several new dogs joining us.  Today was the first day for new boy, Jack!  Jack has just been rehomed by the owners of Skye and seems to be fitting into his new home and alongside his new pack mate very well!  Jack is a 4 year old springer spaniel!

When I get a new dog I always like for them and owner to join us for a group walk before they start, that way I’m not bringing a strange dog into the car.  Since Jack has only just been rehomed I could only meet up for a walk yesterday where I took along Ruby.  But once we met and walked for a while I knew Jack would be ok as he is gentle, tolerant and just wants to have fun in a very springer spaniel way – running, swimming and chasing birds!  I also learnt he loves his food so I made sure to remember to take a long some tasty liver treats for his first walk.

For Jacks first walk he was accompanied by Rory, Benny, Skye and Ruby!  When Jack jumped into the boot alongside Skye, neither Rory or Ruby were bothered which I was pleased about, although at first I think Jack was a bit wary of sharing a car with a dog as big as Rory but he soon relaxed.

It was pretty wet all day today so when we arrived at the beach at 11am it was very quiet (which I always like) and the river was at high tide.  The dogs always run down to the beach to begin their walk and for a few minutes it’s always a bit mental.  I haven’t seen the tide that high for a while and large areas of the beach was inaccessible with nowhere to walk but all the dogs love the water and love to run on the sand at full pelt!  Recently Ruby and Skye have developed a game where they run together as fast as they can, up and down the beach.

Benny only joined us a week and a half ago and is just so dog friendly!  He takes to dogs straight away and once he takes a liking to dog he’s by that dog’s side for the walk.  Today he took to Jack from the off and followed him everywhere including into the Clyde for a swim.  Jack just adores the water.  In fact any reason to swim and Jack is in there…ducks, sticks…anything!  Benny and Jack are great new additions and we all enjoyed a great walk!

Some pics of today’s walks..

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