Jay returns to BDWS!!

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Renfrew dog Jay is Back!!

The fist dog I ever walked was Jay the golden cocker spaniel from Renfrew, but in October I stopped working in the Renfrew area and Jay and the other dogs found new dog walkers.  Well, with Jay’s home getting worked on this week and some of next week, Jay’s owner has moved in with her parents in Erskine with Jay returning to Bishopton dog walking services for his lunchtime walks (even tho it’s just for 7 days)!!

It’s really great to see him again and I couldnt wait for him to meet the gang of which he has never met any.  So this week he has been out with 9 month old Skye the German shepherd, 5 month old Ruffles the Lhasa apso, Rory the doberman and Mack the westie.  He got on great with all of them and still has the spunky attitude he’s known for.  Jay is very socialised and highly confidant and will happily walk and talk back to any dog, even big Rory who Jay chased away when Rory had a stick Jay wanted!!  I’ve never seen another dog even try that! lol!

So lets take a look at some pics…

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By Jamie Shanks

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