Jersey and Penny, new pup Skye and finally Jay

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Jersey is an Erskine dog I began dog walking last week.  She’s a blue roan cocker spaniel.  She’s a lovely little thing and although quite timid gains confidence quickly and then has the kind of attitude cocker spaniels are famous for.  So I took Jersey and Penny to the beach in Erskine today and cause I haven’t taken any photos of Jersey or of Penny (except as a pup) I thought I would take along the camera.  We met another spaniel on our walk, an orange roan variety which just joined the pack even tho the owner wanted to walk on.  It too was a young dog and fitted in well.

Yesterday was the first day I puppy sat my newest dog Skye.  Skye is a black, long-coated, German shepherd who is 11 weeks and 1 day old today.  Since the owners brought her home last Saturday she is still learning that outdoors is where to do the toilet, but she’s a bright spark and will learn quickly enough.  Calm and relaxed she’s a great dog who’s parents were very large GSD’s.

Lastly, since I had the camera I took some pics of one of my favourite dogs.  Regular visitors will know Jay (golden cocker spaniel).  He was my very first dog and I’ve walked him every weekday for over a year and a half.  Sadly with me getting more and more dogs from the Erskine/Bishopton area, I’ve decided (which was very tough for me) to stop working in the Renfrew area as it takes too long to get from Bishopton/Erskine to Renfrew and back and to concentrate on a smaller area in a bid to make a living.  It’s very sad for me since I have bonded with him more than any other and will miss him greatly.

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By Jamie Shanks

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  1. Lovely pictures! We love our working cocker! Best breed ever in my opinion. Jersey is very cute!

    • Thanks! Jersey is a lovely dog! I recently started walking a working blue roan cocker spaniel called Benny!

  2. Great action picture of a German Shepherd having fun and great pictures and website generally!

    • Thanks Jackie! x

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