Jersey and Skye meet Rory!

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What a beautiful day today!  I can’t remember the last time I walked the dogs with the sun out and clear blue skies.  So I thought instead of taking just Skye and Jersey that I would bring along ‘big boy’ Rory from Langbank and bring him with us rather than walk him later in the day.  Rory is a wonderful dog, responsive, friendly and excellent with other dogs and pups.  Skye kinda has met Rory once before when I was walking her and we bumped into Rory and his owner at the beach but that was just for 5 minutes.

So I was curious to see how Skye and Jersey would respond to such a large dog joining the walk.  But Rory’s size didn’t seem to bother either of them with Skye going over to Rory straight away for a chase and runaround – which Rory was happy to oblige.

Since it was freezing the night before there was still frost on the ground and the puddles had frozen over.  When the dogs got to one frozen puddle, Jersey took a wee mad spell and started darting about at full speed with all the other dogs chasing her, I think she was being a wee sneak and trying to get the other dogs away so she could have the frozen puddle to herself!

Some pics…

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