Spending the Jubilee with Mack!

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Diamond dog Mack at the beach

I was actually quite busy this Monday looking after pets even though many people were off to celebrate(?) the Queen’s Jubilee.  After two group walks I had Mack for a solo walk down at the beach in Erskine.  Usually Mack goes walkies with Wilfie, Chilli and Ruffles but they were celebrating the Jubilee with their own families so it was just Mack and myself for the last walk and we hit the beach to spend some quality time together!

Mack likes the mud and water and any opportunity to get filthy!  Last week I persuaded him to paddle in the water (just a little) so I was curious if I could get him swimming today since I had the chance to give him my full attention.  Once in the water Mack will swim it’s just getting him motivated to do so…so far I think ‘cooling off’ is more likely to motivate him more than toys but he did have a few little swims during time outs from chasing after the tennis ball.

Cause a lot of people were off work/school it was quite busy today with dogs, families and kids, which did have me worrying a bit in the earlier walks as I had to keep my eye out for picnics!  Dogs and picnics don’t mix!!

Mack’s a great dog and loves kids and just before we went home he went to greet some young ‘uns who were really pleased to have him over until he shook himself dry all over them! lol!

Also I’d like to add that I made Bev’s dog biscuit recipe over the weekend and took some with me today and my goodness did they go down well … including the dogs of other owners.  Best dog biscuits ever!!

Some pics…

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