It’s Langbank day with Ruby, Bonnie, Ami and Chewie!

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Walking the dogs at Gleddoch golf course, Langbank.

Easter has kinda changed the routine of what dogs I’m walking as people are off work while others who don’t usually need a dog walker are away and unable to walk their dogs.  Today I had just a few dogs from Bishopton and Erskine to walk but more than usual in Langbank.  Earlier I had already walked Langbank dogs, Rory, Mack, Wilfred and Chilli and was back in Langbank again after collecting my own dog Ruby to walk Bonnie the Labrador, Ami the Gordon Setter and Chewie the Shar Pei.  So it was defo a Langbank day here at BDWS!

Ami is around 8 years old but a very active setter who loves to run off lead and follow her nose just like Ruby, so the two were very active and I know Ruby really tired herself out cause she is sleeping next to me as I write this blog!  On the other hand Chewie and Bonnie tend to walk by your side (also off lead) both adore their food and when we get to the lake Bonnie likes to have a wee swim along with Ruby.

So lets take a look at some pics…

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By Jamie Shanks

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