Daisy and Duffy take a trip to the beach!

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Langbank spaniels go dog walking in Erskine!

Daisy the springer spaniel and Duffy the black working cocker are just so lovely and I wished I walked them more.  So for an early afternoon walk I thought I’d treat these wee sweeties with a trip to the beach in Erskine.  Don’t know if they’ve been before but it was the first time I have took them and we had a great time.  It started out sunny and the carpark was packed but it soon became overcast and then rained and by the time we left it was almost empty.  As a girl I spoke to last week said when the weather was poor and the beach was dead quiet,  “They’re not hardcore like us!”

I found out today that Daisy is a great swimmer and is just so driven that she’ll go anywhere you throw the ball.  Duffy didn’t go into swim but she will go in to a point and loves to chase after Daisy and be chased if she can get the ball.  Duffy loved all the amazing smells and definately caught the scent of the hoards of rabbits and other wildlife that live down at the beach in Erskine but stay out of sight during the day.  Only the mass amounts of rabbit poo give away how populated it is there.

Being typical spaniels Daisy and Duffy just run and run and it was great being next to the river cause that kept them cool.  After walking on the beach we took the path and the spaniels were running all through the grass which helped clean them up.

It was great to see them again!

Some pics…

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