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Bishopton springer spaniel, Nevis!

  • Age:  8
  • Breed: English Springer Spaniel
  • Location: Bishopton
  • Places walked: Erskine beach
  • Most likely walked with: Skye, JackBenny, Beau, Ruby

About Nevis

Nevis is one of our youngest team members and already a real star!  A real confidant dog, Nevis has the energy levels that Springer Spaniels are famous for.  Great off lead and a dog that loves the company of the other dogs especially Skye.  Nevis fits into exactly what Bishopton dog walking services are about!

His owners are very devoted and loving and have put a lot of work in helping Nevis grow up to be the fab dog that he is.  Nevis get’s walked weekdays at Erskine beach where he loves to run, flush and chase after birds!

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