Lola joins BDWS!

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Lola the Miniature Schnauzer

Lola from Erskine joined us today for her first group walk alongside Ruby, Broxi and Rory!  It was a pretty miserable day today but the dog’s don’t mind the rain and I do like that it keeps the beach in Erskine a bit quieter!

I’ve only met Lola a couple of times before so we are strangers and because of that I’m always a little apprehensive taking a new dog out especially if I want to let it off lead. When I picked up Lola she was like, “Who are you!?” but was willing to let me put her on the lead and into the boot of the car alongside Broxi (who she already knows!) just fine. Once out Lola settled instantly and was more than happy to walk along with me and the other dogs on the lead, so I let her off lead and she was a star for the whole walk!

Lola and Broxi get on great but Lola is a very confident little girlie who is more than happy to play alongside the bigger dogs including Rory the Doberman! She has a good recall and loves her treats!

By the time the walk was over all the dogs were soaked but at least they have short coats so easy enough to dry off!

Some pics and a video…

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