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Miniature bull terrier from Finlaystone!

  • Age:  18
  • Breed: Miniature English Bull Terrier
  • Location: Finlaystone, Langbank
  • Places walked: Finlaystone, Langbank, Erskine
  • Most likely walked with: Chilli, MackRuffles, Ruby

About Wilfred

Wilfred lives in Langbank.  He is 11 years old and lives with Chilli. Both dogs and owner recently moved to Langbank from London as owner Isobel is a production manager for BBC show Antiques road trip and will be staying here for around 9 months! Wilfred loves the ‘paradise path’ in Finlaystone because he can swim in the burn and take the weight of his feet.  When they moved to Finlaystone Wilfred would disappear and after a while of searching he was found at paradise path waiting for anyone to throw a stick in the water for him to get.  Wilfred also loves to get walked at the beach in Erskine and at Gleddoch golf course in Langbank where there are ponds and a lake.  Take Wilfred and a toy anywhere where he can swim and he is a happy chappy!

Wilfred is a super friendly and very tolerant for an older dog.  I’ve pet sat both Wilfred and Chilli while their owner has gone down to London and he loves to sleep in the bed and loves attention.  A real pampered pooch!

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8 years ago

Wilfred is a beautiful dog who sounds traditionally bully 🙂 His family is lucky to have him.