Blue joins BDWS

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Miniature Schnauzer joins us for a week!

This week while Blue’s owners are away on holiday he has been living with relatives in Bishopton and we get to walk this wee chappy for the whole week!

Young, spirited and very playful he reminded me a lot of Jersey.  I joined up with Blue and his owners for a walk at the beach last weekend with my own dog Ruby.  After the walk I knew he get on fine with the other dogs as he’s very friendly with no aggression and just wants to have fun which is exactly what we want at BDWS!

So today’s walk he joined Rory, Skye, Benny and Jack for a fun walk at the beach!  I had decided before the walk to possibly keep him on lead for his first walk but after 10 mins I felt assured enough that it would be ok to let him off!  He was such a good boy; he came when called, took treats and enjoyed playing with the other dogs and let me dry him off when we got him home.

What an easy to dog to walk…more like him please!

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By Jamie Shanks

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