Mission: Impawsible

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Cool post title, huh? Quite proud of that one, if I do say so myself. That occurred to me while out walking dogs in the rain, wondering if I could get any nice photos at all in this weather, but at least I knew I had a banging post title should the pics not turn out so well.  The thing is… to get a nice shot… a nice ‘action shot’ … you have to shoot at a minimum shutter speed of 1 millisecond or 1 thousandth of a second – to freeze the action, else pics have motion blur.  In bright daylight that’s easy, but on a dark, wet January week, shooting that fast, means super high ISO, or to put it simply, it means grainy, rubbish image quality.  Basically, what I’m saying is, getting action shots in low light is hard!

I had a mission… Mission: Impawsible.

Monday was quite nice and the sun was out and you can see easily which photos were taken that day.  But the other days, the camera had to earn its keep.

New boy Alfie the Shetland Sheepdog is with us to build up his confidence and he’s doing well, and Jenny joins the gang to get a good runabout.

Photos were taken at Mar Hall, Erskine beach, and Finlaystone Country Estate.

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