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Molly the Sprollie from Bishopton!

We took Molly for her first walk with the other dogs at the beach today.  Molly is a young sprollie which if you didn’t know is a springer/collie cross.  That means she’s committed, full of energy and always ready!  Molly has never met the other dogs before but was settled and undisturbed in the car.  At the beach she was great off the lead and although Molly and I only really met for the first time today she was great and knew to stick with me and the other dogs.   Completely unfazed, all that mattered to Molly was the chance to play and run around and if there were sticks and balls in the mix then all the better!  On this walk Molly joined up with Ron and Rox, Buddy, Lola and Beau.

Some pics…

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