May 26, 2012 | The Pets

This is my own dog!

About Ruby

Ruby is why I’m a dog walker.  Ruby comes with me everywhere, on every walk and sits in the front passenger seat next to me.   She is a funny wee character, friendly, tolerant, yet can be fussy who she’ll play with.  Ruby will often smile her teeth at people she knows but this isn’t an act of aggression, it’s a greeting where she offers appeasement and asks for praise!

Ruby loves to swim, play with toys and get chased  – but no dogs can ever catch her!

Being a collie cross she has real endurance and can’t be tired out, but when it’s warm she will get hot fast with the thick double coat she wears so in the summer she likes to get walked wherever there is water such as the beach in Erskine, Langbank etc.

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