Mylo joins BDWS

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Dog Blog | 0 comments

1 year old Mylo joined BDWS last week and while I’m fully booked, I can squeeze in one walk a week for Mylo so he can play with some dogs and especially his sister Dior, who I also walk.  With Potiphar and Brodie it’s the perfect walk for Mylo, and he and his sister (while not seeing each other since they found homes as puppies) already adore each other.

Rubbish weather though, with pelting rain and gale force winds, but I managed to get some pics of today’s walk when I could.

Hopefully a ‘pics of the week’ coming tomorrow with all the other dogs walked from this week.

For mobile users, if you click on image and save, you can view it full size on your phone.

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