Langbank dog Mack joins the team!

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Mack the west highland terrier!

So along with Rory, Penny and Jersey we have new boy Mack!  Mack is a two year old West Highland Terrier!  Now…he is a wee bitty overweight but that wont last long now that he’s joined Bishopton dog walking services.  Since we only walk highly sociable and friendly dogs that can be let off lead, the first walk with Mack on Friday was an assessment to see how he would get on with the other dogs.  Mack’s never been out with anyone apart from his owners so at first he was a bit nervous in the car but as we collected more dogs he relaxed.  Mack got on brilliantly with the other dogs and joined in the fun straight away!  Since it was his first walk and he was still getting to know everyone including me, he wouldn’t take any treats and didn’t respond so well to a recall, but considering that this was his first time he did very well!

Today on his second walk we also brought along golden cocker spaniel, Penny!!  Mack joined in the fun and games with the others, he’s very sociable, loves running and chasing other dogs and wherever the dogs ran, he ran along beside them.  He also took instantly to Penny (like most dogs do) and I think he’s already got a wee soft spot for her!  He’s a surprisingly confidant little chappy with other dogs and just wants to have fun and get into the middle of whats going on.  He was much, much more relaxed today during his second walk…he took treats when offered… when I called him he came running and he and the others had a great time and did loads of running about.  He’ll lose weight in no time and have loads of fun doing it!

I’m very happy to have such a great new addition to the team!

Some pics…

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