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I’m justing testing out a new camera lens this week and I’m sure it’s gonna be the best lens I’ve ever owned.  Faster focusing, larger aperture, a bit sharper and just slightly better in every way.  But it’s heavy… my camera and lens now weigh around 3kg and that’s a lot of weight to carry over your shoulder for a day.  But I now own genuine pro-gear and I’m hoping the photos will get just that little bit better as a result.

So today I took it out for a trial and to become familiar with it and below are some the better pics I managed to get.  I’m planning on taking it out the whole week so will add more to this post as I get more pics.

Monday 6th July

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Wednesday 8th July

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Thursday 9th July

My third day with the lens and I feel I’ve got to know it now.  It’s an amazing lens and the best I’ve ever owned.  Such fast focusing, very sharp and I’m super happy with it even though it’s so heavy.

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