New dogs Wilfred and Chilli go walking with Ruffles in Finlaystone

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Dog walking in the Finlaystone country estate.

We have two new members in Wilfred and Chilli.  Wilfred is a 10 year old English bull terrier and Chilli is a 2 year old Chihuahua/King Charles cross.  Both are lovely dogs.  They and their owner moved to Langbank from South London last week.  The owner is actually a production manager for STV working on the (BBC) tv series Antiques road trip!  I’ve always thought a show on ‘Dog walkers’ would be a big hit…I guess I could spare the time if they needed a star!!


Anyway, back to the dogs!!  Wilfred is a very calm, quiet and easy going dog that loves to play with sticks and frisbees, he also likes to give himself a good back rub on the grass when he can get the chance and always comes when offered a treat.  He’s a real sook and when you sit down he loves lying next to you for a wee pat!  Definitely a very pampered chappy!

Chilli is a livelier little girl and while she always follows me and the dogs and comes when called, she is still a wee bitty nervous, but she loves her treats and in just a few days she’ll be dandy!!  Chilli is a fast dog and can run and twist and turn most dogs, including her new buddy Ruffles who I took along for the walk.

And that walk today was at the lovely gardens (walked on lead) of Finlaystone followed by a wee adventure trek through the ancient woodland area (walked off lead).  Finlaystone is a very beautiful place and perfect to bring a dog, although you must remember that there is a small fee but season tickets are available at very low prices and well worth it!!  Oh and please remember in the gardens dogs must be on lead.

So let’s take a look at some pics…

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