Penny, Max and Skye living it large

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Ok, so I took Penny and Max to the beach together today.  They are very similar in how they behave when they are off-lead and what they like to do as you will see when you look at the photos and video I took, and I think as pairing dogs go they probably get on as well as any two dogs can.  They bring out the best in each other and made my job so easy with them today that I had plenty of time to take some pics and a wee video.  What I mean by ‘making my job easy’ is that they will just run around chasing each other or both dive into the Clyde to swim – whatever they did, they did together and that means that it’s really just like walking one dog!  Excellent stuff, and both dogs had a wonderful time.

It really was a fun walk for all of us and that means a lot to me!

So after I took them home and dried them off, I went and collected Skye the German shepherd puppy and took her to the beach too.  Now sadly I only managed a photo and quick vid of her as it was busy and I had Skye off-lead at times and I just didn’t have the time.  Skye met loads of dogs.  As soon as we arrived we met two ladies with 5 dogs between and I let Skye off lead for a wee play.  Their dogs (mostly collies and mongrels) were very friendly and it was a great experience for Skye.  We stayed with them for about 10 mins.  After that we met a giant (deaf) white great Dane and very large and friendly German shepherd, a couple of wee terrier type dogs and a tiny cocker spaniel puppy that Skye enjoyed playing with.  It was amazing how quickly the time flew by but it’s all experience and at that age that’s what counts.


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