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Cat care for 8 Russian blue’s!

12 weeks ago I visited Russian Blue cats, Blue, Buster, Gabby and their mother Dash who was due to give birth to her second litter when her owners returned from a cruise but decided to give birth while ol’ muggins here was in charge!  You can read the blog post about it here.  Dash gave birth to 5 lovely and healthy kittens and 4 of them are still living at home but now ready to find new homes.  So I’ve returned for a brief visit just to check on them and feed all 8 of the rascals!!

Mother Dash and daughter Gabby have just recently been dressed with son Buster being neutered.  Gabby and Dash still have their lampshades on and are being kept away from the other cats so they can recover in peace.  Buster on the other hand recovered quick since it’s a lot simpler operation for a male!  Dash’s other daughter and sibling to Gabby and Buster is Blue and she never got dressed because she is currently expecting any day now! Buster and Blue were staying in the same room together while the kittens had a bedroom to themselves.

I was really excited to see the kittens as I was caring their mother when they were born.  They are funny, troublesome, very playful and always hungry!  So after feeding them I rolled their toy balls around the floor and watched them pounce and they soon relaxed in my company.

In the next room Dash and Gabby were just relaxing on their owners bed when I fed them and checked on them and I think just enjoying the peace and quiet!   Buster and Blue seem to be the more confidant laid back cats in the house and didn’t seem concerned about my arrival and were quite happy to have me around – both are long haired and very attractive cats.

So let’s take a look at some pics…

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8 years ago

Hi Jamie. I left a post on your Facebook page about Gabby. She has been missing since Saturday 29th June.
PS. I may require your services this coming week. I’ll let you know soon.

9 years ago

Just thought I would let you know. Bloo had Her kittens Tuesday 28th September. She had 5, but sadly we lost 3 of them. Mother, and the 2 remaining kittens are doing well!

9 years ago

These kittens are for sale in the Glasgow area. They are Russian Blue / Angora cross. I have been trying to produce a very particular look with these cats. I am pretty pleased with the result.
You can contact me via email.