Langbank Pet care with Bonnie and Ruby

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Pet care with Ruby and myself at Bonnie’s house!

I’ve just recently finished my pet care stay in Langbank where Ruby and I went to stay with Bonnie while their owners enjoyed a holiday to France for 12 days to meet relatives.  I’ve stayed in the smallholding quite a few times now as Bonnie doesn’t travel well and since she an old girl it’s best overall that she stays behind.  Bonnie and I have known each other for years and get on great and so does she and my own dog Ruby and it was great having Ruby stay with us….this was her first time living in another house while we pet care another animal and she loved it and Langbank.

While there I also tried delicious recipe ideas for dog food which dogs Bonnie and Ruby were happy to try out.

Apart from staying there I’ve also pet sat Wilfred and Chilli in Finlaystone but there was something about staying at Bonnie’s which was so free and relaxing.  I think it was the fact that you could see for miles all around without being confined by the trees like you are at Finlaystone, also the nearest neighbour is a drive away which means it was just me, the dogs, the views and nature!  Ahh…bliss!!!

I still continued dog walking as usual but instead of walking, Wilfred, Chillie, Mack and Ruffles at Finlaystone I took them to Bonnie’s and we walked through the golf course and had a great time.  And on the last day Wilfred, Chilli and owner Isobel joined me for a walk with Bonnie and Ruby which was great too!

So I’m now back at home and while glad to be back miss the tranquillity of Langbank!  But now with the end of school term I have more people wanting pet care as they take the chance to get away!

More blogs coming!!

Some pics…

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