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Cat sitting Russian Blue cats

I’ve been a pet sitter for these four Russian blue cats in their own home this week and thought I’d share some pics and let you see what nice cats they are.  Dash is the mother to Buster, Gabby and Blue and she was  currently pregnant when I started and not due for a further two weeks.  For this reason she has her own bedroom away from the other cats so she has peace and quiet from the young rascals!  Like most pedigree cats they are all tame and enjoy human company more than your typical tabby.

Now, I started pet sitting these cats last Tuesday and on the Wednesday when I arrived Dash had given birth to five wee Russian blue kittens.  Dash is a great mother and as long as she was regularly fed, watered and her litter tray was clean she was happy to look after her new borns all on her own!


Downstairs, Gabby, Blue and her bother Buster lingered around the kitchen when I arrived (when not using their scratch post) as they love their treats, food and generally enjoy being nosey wee things!

These cats are not your typical house cats as they enjoy the outdoors but since they are getting visits they have temporarily been kept indoors to keep things simple and easy.  They all love their treats and cat milk which their owner has supplied and which helped build their trust in me!

I love looking after cats!

Some pics…

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  1. Thanks for taking good care of my cats Jamie. It’s good to know that I have someone I can rely on whenever I go on holiday. Or, as in this time, a last minute arrangement.
    PS’ your photo’s of my cats look great.


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