Pork belly and liver recipe

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Cost cutting dog food!

Not knowing exactly what I was going to buy I went to Morrisons today to get some things to make more dog food.  My dog Ruby has been on the homemade dog food straight for a few weeks and her coat is already full and lush and her eyes sparkle!

So in the supermarket today I went over to the ‘still fresh’ shelves in the veg department and found some half price Brussels sprouts, half price mangetout then picked up some potatoes and a pack of macaroni then headed to the sell off shelves in the fridge section and found some pork belly and a packet of liver!  So that was a great start and at home I had some old but still good parsley in the fridge.


Brussels sprouts, small bag of mangetout, some potatoes, pack of macaroni, some pork belly, pack of liver


diced pork belly

The pork belly still had ribs on it so I cut them from the meat and put them in the freezer to be fed raw another day. With the meat I diced and chucked it in the dog pot!

brussels sprouts

I threw in the sprouts


I then added the mangetout

add potatoes and liver

I then added the potatoes and remembered to also add the diced liver!

Add parsley

I then added the rest of the parsley that was in the fridge!

So…(take a breath)..that’s the first part over with!  I now then added a couple of pints of water and brought the pot to the boil.  Once it was boiling I then…

add the macaroni

…added the macaroni and gave it a right good stir letting it cook for another 10-15 mins till it was cooked through!

homemade dog food cooked

That’s it now cooked. It looks and smells brilliant! Wonder if Ruby wants some?


“I want some!”

I put some aside for Ruby and bagged the rest and chucked in the freezer!

Pork belly and liver….Done!

How to store

As a general guide if meat protein is present in recipe then it will last around 3 to 5 days stored in a cool place.  If it has second class protein in it eg. cheese, lentils, eggs, etc, then they will store for about 10 days in a cool place. You can use cake tins lined with baking paper – greaseproof. If there is no meat or second class proteins present then it will last around 3 weeks before they go soft like human biscuits.

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dog treat recipe book

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raw pig ears

By Jamie Shanks

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  1. Thank you, these recipes are wonderful, I’ve made up big batches of 3 of the recipes today to freeze: Liver and heart with veg and couscous, pork belly and liver with veg and macaroni, and heart with veg and pasta (couldn’t get hold of any lung without pre-ordering it first). Going to try the pig trotters and the dried treats next week, and the pig’s head around Christmas time. Thanks again!

    • Wow, thanks Wendy and thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  2. Hi! I have just happened onto your site and have to say it looks great and rather exciting!!.. and will be looking forward to trying these recipes out with my dog Lyndy! I would just like to know if this recipe (pork belly and liver) or any of the other recipes could be cooked in a slowcooker? please!!.. thanks!

  3. Any chance you could update the recipe giving approximate weights of ingredients. Sounds fantastic, Gizmo would LOVE it.
    Many thanks

    • Ok, I’ll check it out recipe tonight and see what I can do.

  4. I was just wondering how much you give the dog ? I have a golden retriever who is 12 with arthritis and was trying to make homemade food to see if it would help any.

    • Bev (our dietitian) has clumber spaniels which are around 36kg for each dog so I guess that’s a similar weight to your retriever. If you look at this recipe here Bev splits that dinner into 10 (and places an apple on each meal) each enough for a 36g dog.

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