Puppies Penny and Cooper

by | Jul 14, 2011 | Dog Blog | 1 comment

Puppies, Penny and Cooper in Robertson park, Renfrew.  Penny is a show cocker spaniel and her friend Cooper is a border collie.  Both are 14 weeks old and they get on great.  Cooper was quite timid to begin with.  I think timidity can be quite common with collies but he soon came out of his shell.  He’s a wee bit bigger than Penny, but you can’t really see it from the photos.

They just rumbled for about 40 mins, you wonder where they get their energy from.

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Hi Jamie
I’m starting my dog walking business soon and have researched quite a lot, but wondered if you are a member or recommend joining Narps? Also on their site they advertise an online first aid course, but surely a practical course makes more sense?
I will be getting insurance, crb check as well as the first aid course, and am planning starting on facebook before creating a website.
Thanks in advance