Meet 11 week old Ruffles!

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Last week Skye finished her puppy visits and now gets promoted this week to ‘big walks’ where she will now travel with the older dogs.  Just by coincidence yesterday I received a call to start my puppy care for Ruffles!  And today we began his puppy visits!

This wee cutie has just finished his inoculation period and is now allowed out for walkies.  Like most pups (including Skye to begin with) the outside world is a bit daunting but once out Ruffles soon relaxed.  He’s quite a confidant wee pup and quickly became friendly with the people and other dogs we met.  On Ruffles first visit we met a nice 7 year old golden working cocker spaniel and the owner and I had a wee chat while the two dogs had a wee sniff of each other, then almost straight after Ruffles met an ivory teacup poodle, which was more timid than he was.  Ruffles was keen to greet the dog but this little dog (no bigger than Ruffles) hid behind the owner.  On the way back home we then met an 8 month old chocolate working cocker spaniel which was very friendly and Ruffles was so disappointed when the owner and dog left. It was only a short walk but back at the house we spent the remaining half hour playing with Ruffles toys in his very own ‘play room’!

In the afternoon after walking other dogs I paid another puppy visit and took with me some kidney treats which Ruffles went head over heels for, I just couldn’t live without my homemade treats!  Ruffles love of treats will mean that he should be very motivated when it comes to training.  On our second walk we met a lovely black collie cross and it’s a shame that the owners and dogs left cause poor Ruffles tried to drag me along with them.

Anyway, after my first day with Ruffles, he has come across as a lovely pup that has enough confidence to make friends with strangers and other dogs very quickly and a dog that’ll be easy to train with treats.

Some pics

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