Sharing the festive season with Skye

by | Dec 28, 2011 | 1 comment

Hey!  I hope you all had a great Christmas!  A big thanks for all the lovely gifts I received from my clients – it was a lovely and much appreciated gesture!!

It’s been great to have a wee break and I’ve spent most of that time recharging and enjoying some long lies in bed!  While everyone is off work the only dog I have this week is Skye… so it’s a carefree week for me and I’m loving it!  Skye is around 5 months old now and gets bigger every time I see her.  She’s a wonderful pup; friendly, responsive and loves to play with other dogs or with the ball I bring.  I took Skye to the beach in Erskine twice today for a wee runaround.  Since I had no other dogs with me I took some tennis balls and the ball chucker.  We had a great time and Skye loves chasing after tennis balls.  In the afternoon the winds really picked up and it got a bit ferocious and I was surprised to see that it was still quite busy with people walking their dogs.  Skye spent a lot of the time on both walks playing with other dogs as well as quite a few pups her own age.

We had a lot of fun!!

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By Jamie Shanks

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  1. Fantastic photos of Sky on the beach. If she is anything like our Chocolate Labrador, I bet she loved being on the beach!


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