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Yesterday I took the camera with me to take some pics for my blog.  I was hoping to take some nice pics of Rory, Reilly and Tam playing and wrestling but it was so dark and wet I just left the camera in the car.

Skye, Jersey and Penny are three dogs I walk together and walk more than most other dogs I have and although I blogged all three earlier in the week it was such a nice sunny day today I thought I should take the camera cause you never know when it’ll be bright enough outside to take any decent pics especially this time of year.

I’ve been taking Skye the German Shepherd with me on dog friendly trails around Boden Boo at Riverside house so she can meet other dogs I walk and other dogs we meet while she is still very young and impressionable.  She’s met and played with (while walking with Jersey and Penny) some very friendly puppies down at the beach in Erskine including two 4 month old West highland terriers, a 11 month old cocker and a tiny teacup poodle.

Jersey and Penny are both cocker spaniels and very friendly dogs, ideal for teaching a young pup like Skye how much fun other dogs can be and help build up her social skills and confidence, not that she lacks any of course!

Today they were finding toys at the beach and playing ‘keeps’ whether it was a plastic bottle or a stick.  What any dog found the others wanted and the dog with the toy would do what it could to keep it for itself.  Quite fun to watch and its nice to see dogs interacting in such a friendly and playful manner.

Jersey being a couple of years older likes to just let the pups play and when she fancies it she joins in with chasing after sticks or getting the pups to chase after her.  Penny is a dog that I’ve been walking since she’s been a tiny pup.  She used to get puppy visits but is now being walked with the adult dogs.  She has grown up so fast.  You can see some pics of Penny as a tiny pup here (July 2011).

At the end of the walk you always know that dogs have had a good time when back in the car they are quiet and settled. I could have convinced myself there were no dogs in the car unless I looked into the rear view mirror and could see Jersey and Skye just gently sniffing each other as they sat next to each other.  Aww, nice!

Later in the afternoon I met up with Skye again and we went for a nice wee walk around Bishopton meeting some nice friendly people who came over to say hi.

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