Ronnie, Roxy and Jay

by | May 18, 2011 | Dog Blog | 2 comments

At Erskine Beach

Today was the first day I let Ronnie and Roxy play off-lead.  They are just over a year old and have always been full of energy.  I was a bit nervous (as I always am when letting a dog off to play for the first time and I made sure I had plenty of liver treats) but I needn’t have worried as they were fantastic off-lead – very responsive to commands and have a great recall.  I also brought along Jay the cocker spaniel as he loves the beach and loves swimming so it would have been a shame not to have taken him, also he has known Ronnie and Roxy for a long time now.

Funny watching them dart around rather than walking next to me. They are incredibly fast and very powerful. I noticed that while on the lead Ronnie (black collar) always came across as the bossier and more confidant of the two sisters, while Roxy (red collar) seemed timid and submissive in comparison but that all changed once they were allowed to play off-lead – Roxy was defo the boss.

Met some very nice dogs including two large white boxer dogs and later a very pale Labrador retriever.  They were all very nice and friendly dogs and Ronnie and Roxy got on well with them the time they spent together, but to be honest the sisters along with Jay were far too keen in chasing the ball to be bothered with other dogs so the time they spent together was short lived by the three in favour of the ball, which did surprise me a little.

Jay loves to swim so I gave him plenty of opportunities to go into the water. Roxy and Ronnie aren’t so confidant yet but do like the water and I think the pics show that running wild and free are what lurchers are meant to do!

Some pics….

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Paul Janson

Hi, it is good to see pictures of younger Roxy and Ronnie. I have now had them for just over a year and are great companions and the most people friendly dogs you could ever get. It is strange, but good to see Roxy being so friendly with other dogs, when she was younger, as unfortunately this is not the case now. Probably due to an incident with her sister and another dog. Roxy is the most loyal dog you could get and is so protective of her sister. Ronnie is just a playful pup still. I can see where… Read more »