Rory joins Roxy and Ronnie to play fetch!

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Langbank dog Rory meets the lurchers!

The weather has just been so good this week, what a blast I’ve had and it’s great to be able to out the house without a jacket. The dogs have had a great time and with the Clyde close by been able to jump in and cool off.

Rory is an Alpha male and top dog at Bishopton dog walking services.  He is a truly great dog and I’m very lucky to have him five days a week.  Walking dogs is always easier with Rory around; he’s a real pack dog and can communicate very well with the other dogs.  Rory loves to wrestle but also loves to chase after tennis balls, especially if there is a treat waiting for him when he brings it back!

Take him anywhere with any other dogs and you know he’ll be good – in fact he’ll do more than be a good dog and help sort out any bad behaviours the other dogs show and stop any misbehaviour without the need to get aggressive, he’ll also happily play along with any game that the other dogs want to play.  But he’s not the “I’m in charge, do what I say!” type dog, he understands that not all dogs are properly socialised and some are timid and he’ll be considerate to these dogs, this is all part of why he’s such a good communicator and a great dog to have around!  In fact he’s probably one of the best dog I’ve ever walked!  Although with all his good points you have to keep an eye on him as he is a real ‘foody’ and will eat anything that he can swallow especially broken bits of tennis ball!

This is the third time I’ve taken Rory with me together with Ronnie and Roxy to play fetch at the park at Erskine beach!  Ronnie and Roxy already have accepted Rory as a pack member and are happy to share their time and ball with him.  So it’s a peaceful and fun time for all dogs. Rory is obviously not as fast as Ronnie and Roxy but give him a little head start and he will go for it…

Some pics…

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