Rory, Penny and Skye

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Penny and Skye I would say are best friends, they’re both under a year old, both went to puppy classes and I’ve cared for both of them since they were about 11 weeks old.  I’ve had Skye out with Rory a few times but Penny and Rory have met only once before when I was walking Penny and bumped into Rory and his owner.  Both Penny and Rory took to each other straight away with Penny the cocker chasing Rory the doberman all over the sandy beach and grassy verges.

Penny, Skye and Rory are all very socialised and friendly, great off-lead, come when called and adore other dogs,  so I knew it was the right thing to bring Rory along with Penny and Skye this morning.  And what a beautiful morning it was!  It felt like spring was in the air even tho it was a wee bit chilly.  Since I decided to walk Rory with the young’uns I had to pick him up quite early before the owners went out.  This meant that the walk for the dogs was a good hour earlier so I extended the walk time to over 90 mins and I hope I tired them out and gave them a good time.

Skye the German shepherd is growing up fast!  Penny could outrun Skye even when Skye got faster Penny could always outmaneuver her, but not anymore.

It was a great and satisfying walk, they chased each other, swam in the water, played in a muddy bog, met other lovely dogs and found toys to play with.

Some pics…

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