A Ruby Tuesday

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Ruby spends the day with me dog walking!

Today I decided to take my own dog Ruby with me for the whole day…..that’s right….all four group walks!

The first walk starting earlier than usual (10:45am) was with Rory and Skye and it was the first time Ruby’s met Rory and while she has briefly met Skye at a park this was a chance for them to spend some time together.  They all got on great and Ruby just loves the beach and Skye and Rory are very friendly dogs.  After that walk Ruby joined Rory, Ronnie and Roxy back at the beach for the second hours walk (12pm).  Ruby, Roxy and Ronnie got on great and it was like they had known each other for ages…maybe they have smelt each others scents in the car or something…I dunno, but I was really glad to see how well they got on.

For the third (2pm) walk Ruby joined, Ruffles, Mack, Wilfred and Chilli for a walk in Langbank.  Ruby’s met Wilfred and Chilli before but never Ruffles or Mack and out walking Mack took to Ruby straight away soon followed by Ruffles.  In fact I’d say both Mack and Ruffles have a wee crush on Ruby and followed her everywhere for the whole hour!  In Langbank they went swimming and I saw Ruffles swim properly for the first time today joining Wilfred and Ruby who love to swim and Mack who loves to get very wet!  That walk was a bit longer than planned and went well over the hour but all the dogs had a great time and that’s what matters!

For the fourth walk, Ruffles and Ruby joined up with Erskine Border collie, Bes!  This was another walk at Erskine beach and by this time (4pm) it was very warm and not very comfortable at all!  Bes is a timid and non intrusive dog and Ruby gave her a nice welcome while Ruffles once again followed Ruby everywhere!  We met a few nice dogs there too!

By the time we got home it was coming up for 6pm and once home Ruby ate her dinner and went straight to bed a happy girly!

So let’s have a look at some pics of today’s four group walks (in no particular order)…

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