Ruffles goes puppy walks!

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Puppy walks with lhasa apso Ruffles!

So I took Ruffles the Lhasa Apso pup to the beach this lunchtime to meet some dogs.  He can only get about 20 mins of exercise at a time but that was enough for him to meet some new friends.  I’ve been taking him to the beach for his first puppy visit of the day every time I see him.  His confidence is growing all the time and today we actually joined a small group of dogs and ruffles played with them which was just fantastic to watch!  It’s the first time he’s been out with me that he’s played with other dogs (outside of puppy classes).

This evening I took Ruffles to puppy classes in Bargarran.  He’s doing great and is brilliant at the training and in my opinion one of the top dogs if not the top dog when it comes to obedience and doing what is asked.  He’s still getting used to the other dogs but he’s getting used to that very quickly!

Some pics….

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