Ruffles meets the gang for a group walk!

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Puppy ruffles tries a group dog walk.

Well Ruffles is now 16 weeks old and is a wonderful little fella!  He’s great off lead and has been off lead for a few weeks now.  But being so young he can only get a limited time off lead which makes socialising him and pups generally hard.  So last week I was looking online and found a puppy carrier…now this means I can take Ruffles and other pups on big walks where they can be let off lead and play with the other dogs and after a short while put into my chest harness.  Even being in there means Ruffles can still get socialised, watch how the dogs interact and communicate with each other and experience new things!

So today Ruffles went on a walk to Erskine beach with my main man Rory, older pup Skye and little madam Jersey!  It went great and the other dogs accepted Ruffles straight away like I knew they would.  We even met quite a few other dogs that I see quite regularly on our walk and which the dogs I walk know quite well.

But boy, were Skye and Rory manky when we got home!  Chasing each other in the boggy marshlands, what a mess!  Try keeping Skye out of muddy puddles is a fair challenge!  Thankfully my car is protected somewhat and I can clean them when they get home!

Some pics…

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