Husky Storm joins BDWS

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Bishopton husky goes group walkies at Erskine.

Storm is a 10 year old male Siberian husky from Bishopton and our newest member!  He and his family moved to Bishopton last Christmas and are recently married!  Storm is to be walked on-lead only so I took him along with Rory, Ronnie and Roxy to the beach where Storm could enjoy a nice long walk while the others ran about alongside and did their thing!  Thankfully the heavy rain that was predicted and meant to last all day never came but the threat was enough to keet everyone away!

Storm is a very quiet dog and in the car or out walking never made a sound.  He was very good on the lead and the walk with him was relaxed, calm and completely trouble free!  Since he is new it’ll be interesting to see how he comes out his shell when he becomes familiar with the other dogs, myself and the places we walk.

Some pics of todays lunchtime walk…

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By Jamie Shanks

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