Skye and Jersey

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Thank goodness yesterday’s winds are behind us!

Today, I thought it would be a good idea when taking Erskine dog, Jersey to the beach today to bring along Bishopton puppy Skye.  Skye gets puppy visits twice a day but I thought the chance to run about off lead with other dogs would be good for her and it gives her a little taste of what it’ll be like when the puppy visits end and the dog walking with other dogs begins. Skye’s growing up fast and gets bigger every time I see her.   Jersey is a very friendly cocker spaniel with no aggression whatsoever, so she was an ideal companion for Skye.

Both dogs got on great and Skye was smitten with Jersey and stuck to her like glue for the entire time and Jersey loved the attention.  Jersey loves to get chased and I managed to get some pics of the ‘play bow’ that she would pose when she was wanting a chase from Skye.  I think Skye enjoyed the runaround and the company of another dog as well as the other dogs at the beach.  After putting them on lead and into the car it was all very civil and peaceful, you would have thought that they had both known each other for a long time.

Some pics…

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