Skye goes walkies part 2

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Puppy care with Skye

With puppies I place great importance on doing what I can to give them the best start in life, especially helping them with socialization.  Since I had some extra time today, for Skye’s second puppy visit we went to the beach in Erskine.  It was quiet when we arrived so we went for a walk and introduced Skye to the sandy beach and river Clyde.  After walking for 15 mins and because it was quiet we found a large open sandy area of beach and I let Skye off-lead for the first time to practice her recall.  She’s fab off-lead already and her recall is getting better everyday, she never sought to stray and stayed close at all times and I felt safe with her not being on lead.  We even played with a stick.

As I put her back on-lead, we walked back to the car then suddenly all these dogs began to appear, sadly the battery in camera had died so no photo’s of the meets.  Skye said hello to two very tame terriers, then we met a friendly spaniel, 2 shy westies and another young westie.  Then I met a guy who I usually see and as we chatted Skye seemed keen to play with his dog who is a black Labrador.  So I let Skye off-lead for a few minutes.  She held back a bit cause she still didn’t know the dog but was very keen on the lab all the same.

It was nearly an hour before we got back to the car, but it was a relaxed experience and Skye’s confidence is growing all the time.

It was funny, we met a lot of people and everyone we met asked what breed of dog she is.   Skye is a black long coated German shepherd.

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