Skye goes walkies

by | Oct 31, 2011 | 2 comments

Puppy Skye is allowed out for walkies now and today was the first day we went together and explored the big mysterious outdoors.  Before, I had been visiting this little black long-coated German shepherd twice a day until her inoculation period was over.  My uncle has seen Skye in the photo’s and thinks she’s lovely so we set off in his direction, passing lots of interesting smells and meeting some very nice people.  Everyone we passed stopped to say ‘hi’ to Skye and Skye was exceptionally well behaved for a puppy.

Once we reached my uncle’s house we let her off lead to run around in his dog-friendly and secure garden so she could run about a bit, before heading back home.  It was difficult taking pics off her unless she was still, but I managed to get some pics.  We were out longer than expected and arrived back home after about 45 minutes.  Back home I dried her off and played with her for a bit (at her insistence) before I had to leave.

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By Jamie Shanks

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  1. Dear Jamie,,thank you so much for sharing your blog,I’m inspired and the information you’ve given is amazing,I’d no idea where to start,but with your knowledge and insight, its boosted my confidence,kind regards Meryl and Ty,,@Wanna Walk

    • Thanks Meryl

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