Dog photos using a film camera

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Instead of using my digital camera I borrowed my Uncle’s old film camera with a 50mm manual focusing lens.  Wow, what a change.  With my digital pocket camera, I just put it to Auto and snapped pics.  With this camera I had to manually set the shutter speed, the ISO, and the lens aperture, making sure they were always correct else the photos would look awful.

I couldn’t see how the photos looked till they were developed.  Were they in focus?  Did I get the moment I was after? Were they sharp? I didn’t know if any were good or not till I paid to get them processed… and that was expensive.  I paid around £100 to get 3 rolls of film developed and put on to a cd.  Thank goodness we live in a time where we have digital cameras.

Using digital, you get used to taking lots of pics and don’t worry if some aren’t bad.  On film, you just get 36 photos to a roll, so you can’t waste them, each one is so valuable since they are so limited.

Below are some of the better photos of dogs I took this week using the old fashioned Olympus OM-1 camera.

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