Springer Sunday

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Harvey and Fudge take their first walk and join Bruno and Baxter

Took my new camera with me today for this walk when I walked two Springer Spaniels from Erskine,  Harvey and Fudge for the first time – just a one off but they did join Baxter and Bruno who are staying the night with me.  Just like Baxter and Bruno both Harvey and Fudge are not much over a year old and loves toys, endlessly running about and water.

The weather wasn’t great for taking pics but it wasn’t bad.  Lots of people today playing with their dogs at the beach in Erskine, a popular route for dog walkers and we played fetch most of the time on the coastline with tennis balls in and around the water which made it a fun and easy walk for me.

Baxter loves the water and won’t really leave it while you are close by, instead he may just sit there and stare at you if you’re not giving him enough attention. Bruno is a real working type and pretty fearless and determined and very similar to Fudge in his commitment to getting the ball or whatever you’re throwing.  Harvey is a bit of a mischief maker and likes to take the ball to get a chase.

Some pics from today…

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