The Beast from the East ?

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Blizzards strike as Storm Emma arrives surprised

There’s been talk about this “Beast from the East” coming for a while now but it has finally hit the UK and today we got the snow and blizzards that we were warned about.  It’s very, very cold out and the wind is what makes it so painfully cold.  This morning I put my dogs in the car and drove to get the rest and jeez was it bad on the roads.  But I got the dogs and made it to the beach (slowly) and I could see the roads hadn’t had any tyre treads on the fresh snow so I was the first visitor that day and didn’t see any other dog walkers at Boden Boo at all!  But while it was very cold it was beautiful and sunny and the snow gave the dogs such joy.  Half way into the walk the blizzards came and it became pretty nasty, not that dogs cared one jot, mind!  On the way back I had to clear all the snow back off the car and driving was so scary.  As I did drive to drop them off a car spun as it approached me and I knew that was it, all walks for the rest of the day were off!  This was the only walk today, driving was just too dangerous.

Pics of today’s only walk in the snow…


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