The pups meet Max!

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Bruno and Baxter join fellow springer spaniel, Max!

A really nice, sunny day today and quite warm too – you’d never think that just two days ago I was dog walking in the snow and clearing the snow in a Langbank road when my car got stuck!  Today with springer pups Baxter and Bruno we brought along Max from Bishopton.  Max is a springer too.  I walk quite a few springers now and like all spaniels Max has endless amounts of energy and loves to run his socks off – a real working breed!

Max loves the beach and as we drove there he was very excited and when he got out he burst out the car alongside Ruby and with the pups we headed to the sandy beach.

The pups recognised Max as the same breed and took an interest in him that they haven’t done with any other dog they’ve been out with.  They spent time following Max and seeing what he was up to while also playing with each other and enjoying the good weather.  Typically when it’s nice weather it can get quite busy and that meant that there were plenty of dogs that we passed and that the pups could greet and help them with their socialisation.  They are still a bit wary at times of meeting new dogs even though they love people but even after this walk I could see an improvement in their confidence.

Some pics…

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