They’re back! Ronnie and Roxy bring along Mack for a walk on the wild side!

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It’s been several months since I’ve walked the two lurchers Roxy and Ronnie.  The owner’s mum and partner have come over from Spain for a few months bringing their own dog Mack along with them, so there’s always someone in the house to walk them.   But this week I have been asked to walk all three as Mack’s owners have gone back to Spain for the week

It was great to meet up with two of my favourite dogs, Rox and Ron.  Mack the rottweiler/collie cross is just the friendliest most tolerant dog out there.

We took them down to the beach in Erskine.  Such a shame that the weather was so cold, wet and miserable.   Anyway, I had forgotten how incredibly fast the lurchers are, Mack would have no chance trying to compete, but that’s ok, cause it was easy enough to feign a throw and get the lurchers running one way while chucking the ball in the other direction to give Mack a chance.  When Mack got the ball he would run straight into the Clyde so he could keep it as the lurchers aren’t as keen on the water as he is, quite funny really!

I brought with me liver treats and all three just love it, but I’ve never met a dog that doesn’t!

Anyway, they made a miserable winters day a lot of fun and I can’t wait to take them out again tomorrow!

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