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I‘m enjoying making little videos clips these days. It’s actually a lot of fun , very easy to do and convenient.  Today’s phones are just awesome, it’s mind-blowing just how good they are.  My wee phone can shoot 4k and it’s not even an iPhone or Samsung and just so easy to use.

About 3 years ago I bought what was then the world’s best compact camera (second-hand) and it was very expensive.  It’s the Sony RX100 Mk 4. This week I took it out on a walk cause it shoots 4k video and I was so disappointed with how it compared to my phone.  Mobile technology moves so fast anything a year or two old is out of date. So I’m sticking to my phone.

Next week I plan to make a compilation video of all the dogs for what I hope will be a short, fun video.  I’m gonna just use my phone and see what happens.  So since one of my walks wasn’t so busy, I thought I’d do a trial run to warm up a bit for next week, and below is a very short video of that walk.

Also joining in the walk is Towser and his owner Gordon who you can see in the video.  Gordon likes to join up so Towser can play with my gang and cause he enjoys my witty chat.

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