Walking at a snowy beach!

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A winters day!

My first walk today was with Dylan and it was a nice carefree solo walk around the village.  The snow was clean and crisp but cold on the feet, but that was ok as long as I kept walking.  After Dylan I got Ruby (who wore her Ruffwear approach backpack containing first aid for dogs) and then went to collect Rory but the snow was still falling and slowly getting wetter which made it dangerously slippy while driving and I couldn’t get up the steep slope that led to Rory’s home along with another driver who gave it a shot.  So I had to postpone Rory’s walk until later in the day where I took him to Finlaystone which was a pretty hairy trek with the steep declines covered in slush.

So after leaving Rory till later and picking up Skye, Jack and Benny we went to Erskine with the roads getting worse all the time and the backroad leading to the beach being pretty dodgy.  Not a day to be out and many dog owners and it seems pro dog walkers felt the same as it was empty at the beach and in fact you’d think noone needed any pet care in Erskine as the usual dog walkers had all stayed at home.

Some pics of this mornings group walk…

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