The cold winds and rain don’t stop dogs having fun!

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Dog walking Wilfred, Chilli, Mack and Ruffles.

It was mild this morning and lunchtime but in the early afternoon the rain brought in some cold winds and it wasn’t that pleasant being out.  This afternoon I took Ruffles, Wilfred and Chilli and collected Mack from the Mar hall golf and spa resort, Bishopton, where his owner works and took them all to the beach for a runabout.

Usually it’s Finlaystone we go but the beach is one of the best places to walk dogs and as we had to pick up Mack right next to the beach it made perfect sense to go there.

Mack has lost over a kilo since he’s joined Bishopton dog walking services.  Below is a pic of him on the 20th February of this year.

Picking Ruffles up I put his coat on him to try to keep him a bit drier and cleaner but during the walk it came off and was filthy so there was no real point putting it back on him. Oh well, dirty dogs are happy dogs I suppose!

Since Wilfred the (very large) miniature bull terrier is 10 years old and a lot older than the young ‘uns he likes to do his own thing.  Wilfie (as he’s known) loves swimming more than anything else and spent most of the walk walking the coast line.  We were throwing in tennis balls for him to bring back but not for too long as we didn’t want him to get too cold.

So with the four dogs and doggy wipes on stand by, let’s go walkies!!!

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