Benny and Hugo join BDWS!

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Dog walking two new dogs!

It was pouring of rain this morning as I was getting ready to collect the first lot of dogs with two new additions from two different homes also joining the group.  I hoped it would stop raining so I could bring along my camera and take some pics!  Thankfully it did stop and just in time for us arriving at the beach which was empty as it always is when the weather isn’t nice or predicted to rain!

Today Benny the working blue roan cocker spaniel joined fellow new dog Hugo the Labrador/Beagle cross for an exciting, fun packed, non-stop hour of fun! I know both from my dog walking at Boden Boo, Erskine beach and other dog friendly walks around Erskine and the pups have accepted them already .  In fact Benny and Skye went to the same puppy classes and became puppy pals but only just met up again a month ago.  Along with Hugo and Benny, we had Skye, Rory and Ruby!

At the beach Benny and Hugo took to each other straight away and for the entire walk were glued to each other’s sides and at times I wondered if they knew that Ruby, Skye and Rory were also there!  They’re a great match for each other as they are of similar age, size and stamina!  Thankfully and luckily our dogs tend to also be young and high drive so Benny and Hugo fit in well which made it quite easy to walk five such energetic dogs together.

Rory is a big dog and loves sticks.  Just a few weeks ago he learnt how to swim.  He doesn’t swim far but will paddle a little if he has to to get his stick and I managed to get a pic of him today doing just that!

Some pictures…

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By Jamie Shanks

BDWS is owned and run by me, Jamie Shanks. I’ve been a professional dog walker since 2010. When I’m not walking dogs, I’m usually at home (like everyone else) entertaining my two dogs and attending to five hens and my vegetable garden.

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