Wilfred, Chilli and Rory go dog walking in Finlaystone

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An afternoon dog walking in Langbank!

So after walking the lurchers I collected Rory, Wilfred and Chilli and we went for a nice long walk through the woodlands in Finlaystone.  I’ve taken Wilfred and Chilli into the gardens at Finlaystone a couple of times but with the arrival of spring I was told that dogs have to be on lead while the gardeners get back to working on the lawns and plants, so I thought it would be best to have a nice off lead walk in the woods where the dogs could have some time to do their own thing.

Once we entered the woods we had the option of different trails, so we chose the ‘scout trail’ and let it lead us to wherever it wanted.  It’s amazing how long you can go walking in the woods and the dogs had a great time.  Wilfred and Chilli definately feel confident around me now and are happy to go for walkies…that’s about a week I’ve been walking them and already I have a real soft spot for both and there is something about Chilli that I find adorable…she defo may end up a favourite of mine!

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