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For the Christmas of 2016 I was given a framed portrait of my own dog Ruby and I totally love it.  My friend also got portraits of her own dogs (Chilli & Potiphar) done… Check the pics below.




My client then bought frames on Amazon for them and they were complete and Ruby’s portrait looks amazing on my wall. But what about my other dog Flo!?  I needed one of her to hang next to Ruby so I persuaded my client to let me know who did it and she gave in and told me it was a UK artist named Karen that she found on and her biz is called ‘YourPetsPortraits‘… and now I have a portrait of Flo to go next to Ruby.  Karen uses a photo of your pet and with her skills as an educated artist and Photoshop whizz she creates an old time masterpiece that she prints and posts to your home.  The frames I bought from Amazon. 

Ruby’s frame is on Amazon here and Flo’s frame is here (size I bought are 10×8).

Flo’s portrait
More examples of Karen’s work
I often get emails from businesses asking me to promote their products in exchange for something – I just ignore them.  But I love what Karen can do with a photo of your pet, enough to post about it and I didn’t get or ask for anything in return.

If you’d like a portrait of your own pet then contact Karen HERE.

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